Young Court Reporters; A Career You’ll love

An unfortunate fact about court reporting is that many young adults aren’t familiar with it as a potential
job opportunity. Think of it this way, court reporting is basically recording history, and if you don’t
record what happened you could be missing out on important records. Court reporters can even provide
captioning and subtitles for live TV programs and provide one on one services in educational and public environments.
Is your personality and skill set compatible with being a good court reporter? Some qualities you may
want to have are:
 A passion for words and strong language skills
 Discipline, a strong work ethic, and a quest for knowledge
 A high level of technical performance and an interest in innovative technology
 The ability to thrive under pressure and deadlines
 The ability to listen and concentrate for long periods of time
There are a few different types of court reporters including freelance reporters who work for one or
more court reporting agencies whose job is to record testimony taken during depositions, meetings,
arbitrations, and hearing; official court reporters hired by a court system working inside the courtroom
who are usually full-time employees of the court and work regular hours; and even political or
government court reporters who record the proceedings of Congress and report the State of the Union
address by the President among other tasks. All live programming on TV with captioning is generated by
court reporters.