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Verbit: An AI-Powered Transcription Program

Verbit is a rising artificial intelligence program with the ability to recognize speech and transcribe audio and video files. More than 150 customers in legal services and higher education use the program including court reporting services and universities such as Harvard and Stanford. There is increasingly a need for faster court reporter transcriptions and an […]

Certificate For Court Reporting

Bloomfield College in New Jersey will become the only local institution to offer on-site court reporting instruction and two certificate programs beginning in January 2020. The certificate programs are designed to prepare students for careers in scoping and judicial court reporting and captioning. What ignited the spark to create these programs was the National Court […]

There Is No Substitute for Real-Time Court Reporting

In an era defined by technological advancement, stenographic court reporters remain the gold standard for capturing the spoken word. It’s not just that they produce the most accurate legal records, including capturing certain interpersonal nuances that digital recordings might miss. Nor is it simply because they are trained to handle complex procedures associated with trials […]

The Court Reporter Shortage

The Shortage In 2013 Ducker released a report letting it be known that late 2019 and early 2020, the industry would begin feeling the effects. Projections indicate that the shortage will represent nearly 5,500 qualified reporters. But why would such a lucrative industry experience this kind of shortage? There are several factors at play: Increased […]