About Select Court Reporters, Inc

Select Court Reporters, Inc. was established by Susan M. Katz in Orlando, Florida in 1981. Over the years we have developed a loyal clientele based on our reputation for excellence while catering to each client’s individual needs and requirements. Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority.

About Susan

In 1974, I moved from New York City to Orlando. Shortly thereafter, I began focusing on my upcoming career in Florida and it was then that someone suggested court reporting as a possible career move.

I did thorough research on becoming a court reporter and then soon thereafter I was on my way to Jacksonville Beach to attend the Stenotype Institute, one of the toughest schools in the Southeast at that time, and I had the good fortune to be trained under world renowned convention reporter, Thyra Ellis, where I perfected my craft.

While still a student, I was encouraged by Ms. Ellis to take an assignment for the U.S. Navy doing daily copy with a team of typists who were employed to assist me. It was a wonderful experience that I still remember to this day.

Because of that experience, I initially chose to work as a convention reporter which included traveling all over the country working at board meetings, stockholder meetings, keynote speaker events and the like, as well as doing depositions, hearings and trials right here in the Central Florida area.

In 1981, I established Select Court Reporters, Inc. and have been happy ever since. When starting my own firm I decided to make sure we offered something that was different from others that were offering similar services in the Central Florida area. First offer we are a relationship firm. We establish relationships with our clients, many of whom have been working with us for more than 30 years. When you choose Select Court Reporters, you are not merely considered a number and a paycheck or a spot on our calendar. We actually customize our services to meet to our clients’ individual needs. We care about the people we work with. You can reach us 24/7 and we respond promptly. We are professional, efficient and produce excellent transcripts. We have a long and steady history of working with the Central Florida legal community. And, of course, we keep up with the latest technology and trends in our field as all true professionals should.

The legal profession has always been fascinating to me and that’s why I’ve always loved my work and continue to do so to this very day.