Monthly Archives: March 2019

Life Hacks for Every Attorney: Batching your email time

Email is by far one of the biggest time sucks for the modern professional. Hours can swiftly pass by while trying to catch up on an ever growing inbox. As an attorney, you are often sifting through emails from clients in conjunction with correspondence from other audiences aiding you in your case related pursuits. It […]

Life Hacks for Every Attorney: The Value of Transfer and Automation

As an attorney, you’re consistently juggling a multitude of responsibilities. Undoubtedly there are many moments that are stressful. Why not explore some ways to alleviate that stress? We’ve put together a list of ways to transfer some responsibility in addition to ways for automating some of the routine processes in your average work day!   […]

Choosing your clients carefully

Deciding whether or not to take on a client is one of the most important decisions you make as an attorney. There are a vast amount of considerations people will tell you to make when deciding to take on a client and if you took the time to adhere to all of them, no decision […]

Practicing Law on Your Own Accord

Is starting your own practice something you’ve always been interested in pursuing? Oftentimes, the answer to that question is yes for high performing professionals practicing law. The biggest appeal of having your own practice is the freedom and flexibility it offers. Operating from wherever your heart desires in addition to having complete oversight on the […]

Gaining Autonomy in the Workplace: Law Edition

More autonomy is almost always ranked when it comes to surveying what attorneys desire within the law firm. The wide array of benefits that come with increased autonomy for attorneys in the work place: more flexibility in work style, increased fluidity in work processes and the most important benefit being increased morale and happiness within […]

3 Ways to Build a Career in Law that Makes You Happy

It’s no surprise to find that more and more attorneys are looking for ways to increase happiness in their profession. Whether you are on your 1st or your 20th year as an attorney, happiness is essential in maintaining a long and successful career. Studies have found that the happiest attorneys have created an environment within […]