Tips Your Court Reporter Wants You to Know:


If a court reporter could hand you a list of do’s and don’ts, these are probably the top five.


Provide Introductory Information

Share all the important information with court reporters such as attorney names, proper names, spelling of unusual terms, and technical terminology ahead of time to get a faster turn around and a better overall transcript.

Leave Time for Markings

Pause for just a moment or two when marking exhibits. As skilled as court reporters are, they cannot mark exhibits and type at the same time.  A brief pause after demonstrating exhibits allows time for your court reporter to transcribe and mark exhibits.

Take a Break

Court reporters are typing as fast as you are talking.  They can’t move around the courtroom or grab a sip of water while someone else speaks.  Providing short breaks throughout a long day is beneficial to ensuring an accurate record.

Stop Arguing

While arguing your point, please refrain from actually arguing.  Heated discussions where parties talk over one another or interrupt are almost impossible to capture accurately.

Location is important

Real estate agents will promote “location, location, location.”  But location matters in the deposition room as well. If possible, seat the court reporter near the witnesses so that they can accurately hear everything that is said.