The Rules of Court Reporting

Court reporting like other writing jobs has its own way of writing and its own rules for court reporters.
Court reporters need to adhere to the rules of the courtroom, understand the law, know what can and
cannot be reported, and know how to deal with the public once a court hearing is over. Here are some
ways to follow the rules:

  1. Operate within the constraints of a courtroom. This is a controlled environment and court reporters need to work within these controls.
  2. Know that the judge is in charge and could charge you with contempt of court if you do not
    abide by his rules.
  3. Understand laws covering court reporting.
  4. Don’t do the judge’s job and assume that someone is guilty without a verdict being declared.
  5. Be sure that your reports are accurate in terms of spelling, titles, and responsibilities.
  6. Take careful reports and store them in a safe place.
  7. Adhere to the oath as a court reporter if sworn into a court session.
  8. Do not use the address of a government-owned or leased building when advertising for private
    recording work.
    If you follow the above rules, your court reporting experience will run smoothly.