Select Court Reporters speaks out on
the most trusted way to create a Record


Court Reporting for depositions, hearings, and trials.Stenography has been around for decades. However, the steno machines of yesteryear are almost unrecognizable from the modern, sleek and dynamic machines and methods currently employed by court reporters.


Court reporting firms around the nation as well as the courts have tried different methods of creating a record and it always comes back to the same conclusion. Select Court Reporters you can count on!


Technology has changed drastically since I began my career with Select Court Reporters in Orlando, Florida and there truly is no substitute for having a court reporter – yes, a live human being – there in the courtroom, deposition or hearing. And here’s why.


Using a stenographic court reporter ensures that you are getting the best record of the proceedings possible. Just a few of the many reasons to Select Court Reporters you can count on!


1. Court reporters read lips when someone is soft spoken or mumbling. We are there to interpret gestures including nods or shakes of the head.


2. Someone’s life or livelihood is oftentimes at risk during these proceedings.


3. We do lots of research for names, technical terms and acronyms to create an accurate record.


4. There are times when court reporters are actually called in to testify in a case where they have been the court reporter.


5. Our equipment is backed up on many levels in case of a power failure or perhaps Murphy’s Law and thus we can always produce an excellent transcript no matter what the circumstance.


6. I personally always indicate off the record discussions as well as when people pass papers back and forth and when there is a brief pause or a recess.


7. An excellent court reporter also cleans up the attorneys’ grammar and false starts as a professional courtesy. In other words, a true professional court reporter like Suzie Katz of Select Court Reporters, Inc. makes every effort to make you look great on paper. This is something digital reporters or should I say recorders cannot do.


8. We can forward transcripts to the attorneys immediately if requested and are well trained to meet sometimes nearly impossible deadlines.


For all of these reasons and many more, Suzie Katz, an Orlando Court Reporter, believes that stenography is still and always will be the best method for creating a truly accurate and timely record.


Suzie Katz is the President of Select Court Reporters in Orlando, Florida. With over 30 years’ experience, she knows what is necessary for a winning record. Contact Suzie Katz at (407) 977-7725 or book your next deposition, hearing, or trial online at