Must Haves for Every Attorney: Court Reporters

This week we are starting a series of must-haves for every attorney but what separates this list from the many others is that it will be solely focused on actionable and practical must haves as opposed to the standard subjective material. Similar to any other profession, there is a list of must haves for attorneys. We are going to start off the series with describing one of the most fundamental components on the list of must haves: a court reporter.

Go-to Court Reporter:

One of the biggest benefits of having a surefire and reliable court reporter is the fact that they ease the stress that comes along with the deposition process. However, you must select a court reporter that ensures high quality and accurate results in their transcripts. The value of having a transcript that you can mark up for future review and research purposes is invaluable. Additionally, having real-time capabilities mitigates jumbled memory or misinformation in regards to any occurrence during a deposition.

The importance of having a go-to court reporter in your back pocket manifests during those times when you are swamped with client and research related work, things sometimes slip through the cracks right after trial that is necessary for preparing things like motions. The role of court reporters is incredible at creating a safety net for all parties involved in the deposition. They do this through the process of creating a central repository of information that can be accessed by almost all parties involved in the deposition. The access of having a transcript improves accountability and accuracy in numerous ways also.

The question now becomes: “how do I go about finding a decent court reporter?” The good news is you don’t even have to leave this website to find a phenomenally reliable and high quality court reporter! Select Court Reporters offers a wide variety of services that can greatly contribute to your success! Please take a moment to browse the site and contact us here at Select Court Reporters! We’d love to hear from you!


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