Court Reporting School [NOW IN SESSION]

Court reporting schools can be found in every state and to become a court reporter you have to complete a recognized court reporting program. There are both physical and online institutions where you can receive your education in court reporting. The program might consist of an associate’s degree, professional diploma, or certificate upon completion depending on the school. Some court reporting programs are accredited through the National Court Reporters Association which
ensures that the program meets the standards required for the Registered Reporting Professional designation, an entry-level degree recognized by 22 states that license court reporters. Choosing to go to an NCRA accredited program is a good way to ensure that the program meets or exceeds the
requirements of a registered reporting professional designation.
To graduate from a court reporting program, you will have to have a 95% accuracy rate on dictation
tests and complete classes in:
 English grammar and vocabulary
 Communications
 Medical and legal terminology
 Court reporting procedures
 Captioning
 Foundations of law
 Word processing
 Transcript preparation
 Communication access real-time translation
It is important to note that not all states require a court reporter to become licensed in their state.
However, many employers in those states without licensing requirements may desire new court reporters to become professionally certified. States with licensing requirements may want new court
reporters to pass state exams to become licensed and become certified through the Certified Verbatim
Reporter’s examination or the Registered Professional Reporter.